Financial Assistance Service Team - F.A.S.T.

The F.A.S.T. story

In 1977 while taking a break from his educational pursuits Frank Johnson accepted what was supposed to be a temporary job with the company PAYCO American Corporation, a nationwide debt collection agency.  There he collected for the Brooklyn Union Gas Company and the Long Island Lighting Company, two New York based utility companies.  What started out as a stop-over position to raise additional funding for his college education became a life long career.  Along the way Mr. Johnson has worked for other national firms such as the American Collectors Bureau, where he collected for the American Express Company's commercial business line. 

Mr. Johnson has handled all phases of debt collection including: business/commercial; retail; medical/dental.  He managed the Patient Financial Counseling Department of the award winning Northwestern Memorial Medical Center where he assisted countless families and individuals, navigate the sometimes daunting task of managing the high cost of hospital billing.  He headed up the collections of the Patient Finance Department of the prestigious, University of Chicago Medical Center, setting organizational collection records.  His work in the field of collections took him on a career-path that included work on the credit side of the credit and collections industry, when he worked as a Mortgage Loan Officer, with National City Bank.  At NCB, he garnered awards for leading the Northern Illinois region in affordable lending.  Mr. Johnson is proud of his work with many lower income families, where he worked tirelessly to correct credit blemishes, and obtain, not sub-prime, but prime conventional loans.  He ensured that these families would not become trapped by unscrupulous lending practices. 


Frank has received countless awards and honors as a top producer in the credit and collection industry.  He received the distinguished certification as a Certified Professional Debt Collector, from the American Collectors Association.  He completed his A.S. degree at Triton College, and his B.A. degree at Chicago State University, both of his degrees were awarded with high honors.  In 1993 Crain's Small Business magazine, recognized Mr. Johnson as being one of the leading collection professionals in Chicago. 

In 1995 Frank decided to take his wealth of experience and expertise and he established the company Financial Assistance Service Team.  Mr. Johnson has trained many individuals to become successful in the industry, he and his talented team can assist you in successfully navigating our unstable economy. 

      Today is the day to begin getting your finances back on solid ground.  

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