Financial Assistance Service Team - F.A.S.T.

F.A.S.T. rate quotes

Our rates at F.A.S.T. are lower than the industry standard.

Our services are provided on a contingency basis.

There is no cost to you until recovery of your money has been achieved.

Rates vary based on:

  • Age of claim - claims older than 2 years carry a higher contingency rate.            

                                                               25% contingency fee upon recovery


  • Size of claim - as a courtesy to you we will discount primary larger dollar claims at different threshold levels.    


                   $     1.00   -  $300.00        22% contingency fee upon recovery      

                   $301.00   -  $500.00        20% contingency fee upon recovery

                   $500.00  or  greater         18% contingency fee upon recovery



  • Type of claim - rates on commercial or business to business claims are lower then retail or medical/dental claims which are business to consumer claims.


          commercial claims                       18% contingency fee upon recovery

    retail or medical/dental claims   22% contingency fee upon recovery




  • Secondary claims - are claims that have previously been placed with an attorney or a different collection service, and they were unsuccessful in collecting the debt.  These claims will carry a much higher contingency rate.

                                                                 35% contingency fee upon recovery


Today is the day to begin getting your finance back on solid ground.

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